Mama guilt

This week has been a tough one. I've been filled with so much guilt, been feeling so unbelievably upset, completely emotional in ways I'm not usually and irrationality worried over everything. I can't seem to shift this feeling even though deep down I know I'm doing nothing wrong. I'm parenting in the exact way that …

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I have learned alot of things since becoming a mama. I've learned that the days I though I had no sleep were actually full night's sleep to some. I've learned that parents cannot control every move their children make, sometimes they scream because they like to. And recently I've learned what hunger is. Having worked …

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Mealtimes are a beautiful balance of fun, chaos an anxiety in this house. I'm pretty sure it's the same in most households. Parents are anxious about weather the kids are consuming enough and when they are it's a worry that it's enough of the good stuff. The kids like to sing you the song of …

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