10 months!

Where has the time gone? It certainly does not feel like it's been 10 months since our little lady made her way into the world. It feels like she's been part of our lives for hardly any time at all yet I can't remember her not being here. I mean I remember life before baby, …

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The first few weeks.

If I'm honest it all went by in a bit or a haze. I slept lots. There weren't many days I didn't go for some kind of nap, be it twenty minutes or three hours. I pretty much crashed out at any given opportunity. Usually on the couch, and always right by the baby. Wherever …

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Welcome to motherhood!

It's been seven months two weeks and three days since I gained the title of Mama. Thirty two weeks and three days of nappy changing. Two hundred and thirty days of breastfeeding and expressing at odd hours and in strange places. Five thousand five hundred and twenty hours of wondering if I'm doing it right. …

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