Diet culture

WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! What's that sound? It's the diet claxon! Yes you guessed it, it's almost January and that means the start of fad diets, juices, pills, powders, teas, herbs, gels, shakes, big companies selling you rubbish that will give short term results to a problem that doesn't exist! I mean after all, there is …

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BIG mistake

A few weeks ago, against my better judgement I did something I really knew I shouldn't have done. I went out of my way to watch something I knew could trigger me. The baby went to bed without much fuss which was a huge relief, So I thought I'd unwind with good old Netflix. Now …

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PANDA awareness Week

This week is postnatal depression awareness week. The wonderful Sophie Farrow of Bad Mum collected stories from mother's to help bring awareness to PND and to allow mother's to say it as it is. I was very lucky to be involved in this week's campaign and would love if you could pop over to her …

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I have learned alot of things since becoming a mama. I've learned that the days I though I had no sleep were actually full night's sleep to some. I've learned that parents cannot control every move their children make, sometimes they scream because they like to. And recently I've learned what hunger is. Having worked …

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Mealtimes are a beautiful balance of fun, chaos an anxiety in this house. I'm pretty sure it's the same in most households. Parents are anxious about weather the kids are consuming enough and when they are it's a worry that it's enough of the good stuff. The kids like to sing you the song of …

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ED Recovery as mama

Recovery is difficult at the best of times, whatever you may be working through. Throw a child into the mix and it becomes a whole other thing. I took to the road of recovery two months before I found out I was pregnant. I worked hard on trying to get myself back to being me, …

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Under pressure 

You get to a point in life where you feel like you are drowning. Like the world is ontop of you. A weight on you shoulders. Like you just can't breathe. we all have days like this. We all push through. Survive the crap and move on. We then get to laugh at ourselves for …

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