Books books books!

As promised here's the next installment of books. This week's books are probably for the 5 and up age bracket but there lovely stories we enjoy reading to little miss. First up is a firm favorite I can honestly say we will be reading for years. The littlest raindrop by JoannaGray. This is a beautiful …

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It's public knowledge that when you have a child you say goodbye to those precious hours of sleep you took for granted. Goodbye to those days of sleeping past noon. Those days you could lounge around he house napping as you felt like it. We all know that all changes when you meet your perfect …

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When I had a baby I realised​ quite quickly that having some form of routine was goig to make my life easier. Now I'm not talking a fully planned out itinerary with feeds, nappy changes and play time all accounted for at particular times. I'm talking more like bedtime routine or a pattern you follow …

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