Why a blog?

For years I kept diaries, journals little notes and knick knacks. I like to write things down. Sometimes to mark memories, sometimes just so I can get things off my chest.

I felt it was time I caught up with the world and entered the world of blogging as a way to do the above without cluttering my house. There comes a point where boxes of hand written nonsense and rubbish has to make its way to the skip so you can make room for the ever growing pile of baby things.

I’ll chat about the good days, moan about the bad. I’ll on occasion talk through my journey of recovery of both an eating disorder and depression. I will share with you the things I love, from recipies to products we use and books we read.  You find a variety of nonsense here.

I do not promise to offer much in the way of advice, just more of an opportunity for folk to say ‘thank the stars that’s not me‘ you’re welcome!

So welcome to the chaos that is our crazy life, I hope to offer you some laughs along the way (probably at my expense) and some comfort in knowing it’s not just you having ‘those days

So grab a coffee, a tea or even a gin, settle down an enjoy the show, someone’s got to get entertainment from this madness.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo