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ED Recovery as mama

Recovery is difficult at the best of times, whatever you may be working through. Throw a child into the mix and it becomes a whole other thing.  I took to the road of recovery two months before I found out I was pregnant. I worked hard on trying to get myself back to being me,… Continue reading ED Recovery as mama

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Party prep

So yesterday I got a little carried away after having a brainwave about babies first birthday. I've had my basic plan in place since January. I've had my theme thought out, cutters purchased and even had a brief discussion about where it would all take place.  Now don't go thinking I'm one of these people… Continue reading Party prep

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Parenting done right.

This weekend was a busy one, full of love, laughs and lots of memories. I had all the princess events and one in particular was truly remarkable.  I was invited along to Browns bar & grill in Glasgow to take part in their 'Tangled' afternoon. They have been holding a series of events recently on Sundays allowing… Continue reading Parenting done right.

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First sleepover!

So yesterday marked babies first sleepover at her gran and papas. It also marked my first public breakdown.  This sleepover was planned for a little over a fortnight. I knew it was coming but it didn't ease the anxiety any. I've held off this long mainly out of selfishness. I've not been ready. I cherish… Continue reading First sleepover!